Here at Mandros, we specialize in providing industrial services throughout the Rockies – and beyond.

We started as a small family company back in 1965, working out of the Trona patch of southwest Wyoming. Over the past 50 years, we've grown to become one of the oldest and most respected service contractors in the Rockies – and we're still family owned and operated to this day.

We deploy a large fleet of equipment, crewed by expert and experienced tradespeople. Our teams handle coating and lining projects, abrasive blasting, vac services, hydro-blasting, industrial cleaning, and a variety of related tasks. Whether you need a full-scale preventative maintenance plan designed and executed, or just a vessel cleanout, we’ll bring exactly the same high level of dedication to your project.

As an industry leader, we take pride in staying current with – and utilizing – the latest advancements in technology. We employ and develop tradespeople who produce A+ work, and give them the best tools and equipment available. That’s what enables us to provide solutions our clients trust, at the level of efficiency they expect.

We make that same promise to you – the one we've made to our satisfied clients for more than 50 years: We'll do the job with an emphasis on safety, quality, and dependability… and on your satisfaction.

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Our work speaks for itself.